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The profiles I create for Corsairs RGB line work with all Keyboards, Mice, Headsets and MousePads

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iCUE Profile Care Package

Profiles: 'Spectrum', 'Battlefield1', 'PUBG', 'DOOM', 'Fortnite', Overwatch', 'Rainbow Six Siege', 'Far Cry 5 Menu'

Tutorial Video

If you'd like a quick guide to get you started using CUE2, I've got you covered!


The following packs of profiles contain everything released at the time that update occured. (CUE1 Pack is everything before Warcraft)

Spectrum - A Corsair RGB Profile Collection [26.5 MB]

Profiles: 'Crimson', 'Brimstone', 'Nuclear', 'Corrosive', 'Cobalt', 'Poison', 'Neon', 'Titanium', 'SpectrumSwitch', 'SpectrumOnPress', 'BrimstoneLight', 'CorrosiveClassic' and 'PoisonClassic'

CUE 2.19 Profile Pack [22.5 MB]

85 Groups of Profiles (250 Individual Profiles), 200 Icons, 2 Backgrounds and 19 Sound Effects (for applicable profiles)

CUE 2.14 Profile Pack [20.5 MB]

76 Groups of Profiles, 189 Icons and 19 Sound Effects (for applicable profiles)

CUE 2.11 Profile Pack [20.3 MB]

73 Groups of Profiles, 184 Icons and 19 Sound Effects (for applicable profiles)

CUE 2.9 Profile Pack [18.5 MB]

223 Profiles, 176 Icons and 11 Sound Effects (for applicable profiles)

CUE 2 Profile Pack [18.3 MB]

222 Profiles, 180 Icons and 11 Sound Effects (for applicable profiles)

CUE 1 Legacy Profile Pack [22.5 MB]

A legacy pack for CUE1 users, contains: 68 Profiles With Modes and 11 Sound Effects (for applicable profiles)


All the Profiles in this section are for CUE versions 2.11 and higher.
For people still using the original CUE, please use the CUE1 Legacy Pack.

If you're having trouble getting profiles to work, make sure Advanced Mode is on or try re-installing CUE from

Discord [204 KB]

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) [310 KB]

Profiles: 'Chicken Dinner', 'Chicken Dinner Static', 'Erangel', 'Miramar', 'The Circle' and 'In The Red'

Overwatch (Both Updates) [1.49 MB]

Profiles: 'Loading', 'Logo', 'Game Keys', 'Doomfist', 'Genji', 'McCree', 'Pharah', 'Reaper', 'Soldier: 76', 'Sombra', 'Tracer', 'Bastion', 'Hanzo', 'Junkrat', 'Mei', 'Torbjorn', 'Widowmaker', 'D.Va', 'Orisa', 'Reinhardt', 'Roadhog', 'Winston', 'Zarya', 'Ana', 'Lucio', 'Mercy', 'Moira', 'Symmetra', 'Zenyatta' and 'Hero Picker'

Brimstone [187 KB]

Profile: 'Brimstone', 'BrimstoneDark'

4th July Profile [282 KB]

Profile: '4th July'
This profile was specially made by request of Corsair. Not included in any of the packs.

Zelda [866 KB]

Profiles: 'Triforce', 'Sheikah Slate', 'Shrine Orange', 'Shrine Blue', 'Guardian', 'Majoras', 'Majoras Static', 'Ocarina', 'Ocarina (K65 Version)' and 'Ocarina (K95 Version)'

Call Of Duty [196 KB]

Profiles: 'Infinite Warfare' and 'Modern Warfare'

Warcraft [241 KB]

Profiles: 'Azeroth', 'Legion', 'Horde' and 'Alliance'

Pokemon [711 KB]

Profiles: 'Pokeball', 'Mystic', 'Valor', 'Instinct', 'Bulbasaur', 'Charmander', 'Squirtle' and 'Pikachu'

Dreadnought [212 KB]

Profiles: 'Broadside' and 'Thrust'

Marvel - Captain America [227 KB]

Profiles: 'Cap', 'ShieldWave' and 'Shield'

Dark Souls III [253 KB]

Profiles: 'Estus', 'GitGud', 'Bonfire' and 'Ember'

Rainbow Six Siege [244 KB]

Profiles: 'Rainbow6', 'Blue' and 'Orange'

Rocket League [221 KB]

Profiles: 'Blue Team' and 'Orange Team'

The Division [230 KB]

Profiles: 'The Division', 'The Dark Zone' and 'Scan'

St Patricks Day [229 KB]

Profiles: 'Shamrock' (Has FPS and MOBA lighting toggles) and 'Rainbow'

Super Hot [228 KB]

Profiles: 'Slow Wave', 'Loading In' and 'Polygons'

Firewatch [283 KB]

Profiles: 'Firewatch Gold', 'Static Key', 'Wave', 'Static Ripple' and 'Bonus Static Ripple'

CS:GO [973 KB]

Profiles: 'Fade Static', 'Fade', 'Marble Fade Static', 'Marble Fade', 'Doppler - Sapphire', 'Doppler - Black Pearl', 'Doppler - Ruby', 'Asiimov', 'Hyper Beast', 'Elite Build', 'Case Hardened', 'Electric Hive', 'Boom', 'Redline', 'Graphite', 'Dragon King', 'Aquamarine Revenge', 'Guardian', 'Cyrex', 'Vulcan', 'Bright Water', 'Crimson Web', 'Antique', 'Man O' War', 'Heat', 'Anodized Navy', 'Boreal Forest', 'CS:GO - CT' and 'CS:GO - T'

XCOM 2 [242 KB]

Profiles: 'XCOM Center', 'XCOM Verticle', 'Concealed' and 'Line Of Sight'

Star Wars [828 KB]

Profiles: 'Duel', 'Sith Lightning', 'Squadron', 'Lightsaber - Guardian Blue', 'Lightsaber - Consular Green', 'Lightsaber - Sentinel Amber', 'Lightsaber - Sith Red', 'Lightsaber - Amethyst', 'Stormtrooper', 'Boba Fett', 'R2-D2', 'C-3PO' and 'BB8'

Fallout 4 [297 KB]

Profiles: 'Vault 111', 'Vault 111 Gaming', 'Pip-Boy Outline', 'Pip-Boy Full', 'Pip-Boy Gaming' and 'Nuke'

Starcraft II [315 KB]

Profiles: 'Gold Logo', 'White Logo', 'Terran Blue', 'Zerg Rush Purple' and 'Protoss Gold'

Halloween [242 KB]

Profiles: 'The Dark', 'Pumpkin' and 'Eyes'

Burst [382 KB]

Profiles: 'Rainbow', 'Neon', 'White', 'Blue', 'Green', 'Yellow', 'Orange', 'Red', 'Violet', 'Indigo' and 'Colour Picker'

Circuit Breaker [195 KB]

Profile: 'Circuit Breaker'
Unlike the video, during the conversion to CUE2 I changed the profile to be only one profile with multiple lighting layers toggled off. To change this you can duplicate the profile and change each one to a different version.

Witcher 3 [240 KB]

Profiles: 'Blank Fade', 'Solid Effects', 'Fade Effects' and 'Gaming Keys'

Fortnite [213 KB]

Profiles: 'Gaming' and 'Fort'

Unreal Tournament [290 KB]

Profiles: 'Default Orange', 'Unreal U', 'Blue Team' and 'Red Team'

Super Saiyan Pack [10.6 MB]

Profiles: 'Super Saiyan', 'Super Saiyan God' and 'Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan'

Frieza [2.57 MB]

Profiles: 'Frieza' and 'Golden Frieza'

Laser Raptor [184 KB]

Profile: 'Laser Raptor' (Contains Toggled off lighting layers to customize the look)

DC - Green Lantern [228 KB]

Profiles: 'Static Logo', 'Logo Pulse', 'In Brightest Day'

DC - Superman [244 KB]

Profiles: 'Static Logo', 'Shirt Tear', 'Shirt & Suit Tear' and 'Is It A Bird?'

DC - Flash [225 KB]

Profiles: 'Flash', 'Logo Dark' and 'Logo Light'

DC - Batman [308 KB]

Profiles: 'Classic Colours', 'Classic Logo', 'Classic Logo Static', 'Static White', 'White' and 'White Fade'

Marvel - Iron Man [221 KB]

Profiles: 'No Chestpiece' and 'Chestpiece'

Hologram [208 KB]

Profiles: 'Single Direction' and 'Two Direction'

Final Fantasy XIV [228 KB]

Profiles: 'Layout Moving', 'Layout' and 'Simple Layout'

Guild Wars 2 [257 KB]

Profiles: 'Fire', 'Fire Green', 'Layout Colours' and 'Layout'

CompLexity [191 KB]

Profiles: 'Spiral' and 'Center Spiral'

Summit1g [227 KB]

Profiles: 'Red', '1G', 'CT' and 'T'

Sunset [250 KB]

Profiles: 'Sunset', 'RainbowVertical' and 'RainbowHorizontal'

Rainbows [224 KB]

Profiles: 'RainbowVertical' and 'RainbowHorizontal'

Fire And Ice [245 KB]

Profiles: 'Firestorm', 'Fire & Ice' and 'Ice'

Christmas [208 KB]

Profiles: 'Christmas Colour Fades' and 'Christmas Stripes'

Knight Rider [231 KB]

Profiles: 'Knight Rider: Slow', 'Knight Rider: Medium' and 'Knight Rider: Fast'

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