Video Editing

Editing and Videography is a passion of mine that mostly gets funneled into my YouTube channel. It first started at University where my Bachelor of IT Games & Entertainment had a filming component to it, assignments of which can still be found at the start of my YouTube channel.

I enjoy the process of creating compelling footage and do the amount of work usually reserved for small teams; planning, scripting, recording, editing, finding music, uploading and posting it around on social media.

I currently create videos under contract with Corsair (based in Fremont, California), specifically showing off lighting profiles on their RGB series of Keyboards, Mice and Headsets.

Graphic Design

I’ve designed logos, business cards, social media branding, social media posts, websites, flyers, posters with aspirations to also design beautiful UI and UX experiences.

The majority of my graphic design work has gone into creating and building my own brand. Examples of such are my logo, business cards, letterheads, motion graphics on my videos and the design of my website.

Game Development and Concept Art

I’ve always enjoyed playing games, but in high school is where I really found a passion for creating them. ‘Game Maker 7’ was my tool of choice back then and I developed over a dozen small prototype games for one of my first assignments.

Ultimately, this drew me to University to get my Bachelor in Information Technology (Games and Entertainment Design).


Whilst this started as a hobby it has fast become a part of my work with Corsair with both still photography and videography. I value the art of photography and use it as another tool to better myself as an artist.


I studied at CDW Studios completing an introductory course in digital painting and while not a work-related focus, I enjoy occasionally painting topics I’m interesting in, mostly game fan-art or artwork/concepts for my own games and ideas.

Speed Painting

Speed-Painting is the process of painting a pre-determined topic within a certain amount of time, generally 30 or 50 minutes.

Whilst not generally considered 'Portfolio Material', I've included this section as it shows work I've completed within a very limited time-frame. I use speed-painting as a tool to better my self as an artist and conceptualist, pushing myself to create something compelling within the time frame.